Academic Applications of AI Summit

The 2024 Academic Applications of AI (AAAI) Summit is now complete! This groundbreaking summit empowered participants from across the 23 California State University System campuses to collaborate, share knowledge, and advance the use of AI to enhance instruction, research and service on a state-wide scale.

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Summit Highlights

Dr. Michael J. Jabbour
Opening Keynote Address by Dr. MJ Jabbour
Dr. Michael J. Jabbour, Chief Innovation Officer at Microsoft Education, is an expert in organizational transformation, with over two decades of experience spanning artificial intelligence, human-centered design, agile development, and healthcare at scale.
Experts will share AI insights via an Industry Panel, Student Panel, Faculty Panel, CIO Panel, and Research and Innovation Panel.
We will share insights from the 2023 SDSU AI Student Survey.
Dr. Marta Rey Babarro
Closing Keynote Address by Dr. Marta Rey Babarro
Dr. Marta Rey Babarro, Vice President of Research & Insights at Zillow, is an experienced UX leader who uses innovation and research skills to continually improve the current user experiences, inform new features, improve the current product and develop long term strategies.