SDSU AI Student Survey

The student survey on artificial intelligence (AI) was administered at San Diego State University in fall 2023, drawing participation from almost 8,000 students.

The survey instrument asks students for basic demographic and educational background data, such as age, residency status, college, and years of study in their current program. Five Likert-style sections examine students' perceptions of AI along several dimensions: awareness and understanding of AI; experience and usage of AI; perceptions and attitudes towards AI; skills, education, and training in AI; and future expectations of AI. 

Furthermore, an optional open-ended section provides students with the opportunity to share qualitative insights regarding the impact of AI on their education, their perception of AI's future role in their lives, and the specific AI tools they use.

This survey instrument provides a detailed summary of students' engagement with AI, offering a valuable resource for understanding their perspectives, knowledge, and expectations on AI in both educational and broader contexts. Survey results can illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of current programs, equity gaps, and areas of emphasis for both educators and administrators.

Download the SDSU AI Student Survey Instrument on ScholarWorks