AAAI Micro-Credential

What is the AAAI Micro-Credential?

Academic Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Academic Applications of AI (AAAI) Micro-Credential Badge
SDSU’s Academic Applications of AI (AAAI) Micro-Credential prepares you to apply generative AI (gAI) technology efficiently, effectively, and ethically to level up learning in the classes you teach. 

Topics covered include:

  • Overview: How Does gAI Work? 
  • Ethics & Responsible Use
  • What Can AI Do?
  • Finding Apps
  • Prompt Engineering Activities
AI Faculty Fellows David Goldberg and Elisa Sobo
Introduction to the Academic Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Course at SDSU

A few quick facts about the program:

  • Consists of five learning modules focusing on practical skills
  • Developed by dedicated faculty and staff members just like you
  • Takes two to four hours to complete 

Participants who successfully complete the course and all activites will earn a digital badge and the SDSU AAAI micro-credential certification.

Enroll in the AAAI Course

SDSU faculty & staff interested in participating may self-enroll in the Canvas course. Please note that participation is voluntary.

We are excited to introduce the California State University (CSU)-wide Academic Applications of AI (AAAI) Faculty Micro-Credential, a comprehensive program designed to enhance your understanding of generative AI. Whether you are a researcher, support staff, or simply curious about AI, this course offers valuable insights. Members of the CSU community may self-enroll and choose the “CSU Employee & Student Login In” button, select your campus from the dropdown menu, and click the “Enroll in Course” button on the top right. 

For all others: please stay tuned!