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Students in a small group learning session at San Diego State University.
  • Authors: Elisa Sobo, David Goldberg, Sean Hauze, Abir Mohamed, Colin Ro & James P. Frazee
  • Summary: Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is reshaping student-teacher relations in higher education in both exciting and worrying ways. Proponents point to its potential to personalize learning and foster innovative teaching approaches. But others view GenAI as a liability, casting the technology as a new and improved way to cheat, giving into a stereotype of students as natural-born plagiarists.
SDSU’s James Frazee hosted an industry panel at the Academic Applications of AI Summit. From left, Frazee, Valerie Singer (Amazon Web Services), Drew Sidel (Google), MJ Jabbour (Microsoft), Spencer Beemiller (ServiceNow) and Marta Rey Babarro (Zillow).
  • Author: SDSU News Team
  • Summary: More than 200 educators, business leaders and information technology experts, including representatives from all 23 California State University system campuses, gathered at San Diego State University Friday to discuss the evolving impact of artificial intelligence in education.
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  • Author: Elisa J. Sobo
  • Summary: The launch of ChatGPT initially worried educators due to cheating fears, but attitudes shifted towards using AI challenges as educational opportunities. In  other  words,  higher education  must  evolve,  and  the  adaptations  we  create,  not  ChatGPT,  could  be  the  real revolution.
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  • Author: James Frazee
  • Summary: Knowing your students is essential for bridging the AI divide and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.
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  • Authors: Adela de la Torre and James Frazee
  • Summary: Leaders in higher education must take decisive actions to prevent artificial intelligence (AI) from further exacerbating inequality.
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Research Paper
  • Authors: David Goldberg, Elisa Sobo, James Frazee, and Sean Hauze
  • Summary: The rise of generative Artificial Intelligence (gAI) technologies has significant implications for pedagogy, curriculum, and student engagement. 
A student in her dorm room at her desk takes an online survey on her laptop
Survey Instrument
  • Authors: David Goldberg, James Frazee, Sean Hauze, Cory Knobel, Jerry Sheehan, Elisa Sobo
  • Summary: This resource provides the instrument for a student survey on artificial intelligence (AI) administered at San Diego State University starting in fall 2023, drawing participation from more than 7,000 students.